The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

October 31, 2008, 8:18 am
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Hey everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. The dawn of the bring your own two team is apon us and the talk of the town is of lost city. When the format was first announce  lost city/x varients  were quick to jump on everyones minds. For myself this wasnt the case. My first thoughts were “wow i dont have to fear Patheic attemp or onmnipotence anymore.” While everyone on vsrealms and my hobby league were going crazy for the best way to abuse lost city, my mind on the other hand  was trying to abuse the fact that there is no patheic attemp. It came to my understanding that a  control staregey maybe the best way to go especially with all the aggro lost city  decks out there.

October 29, 2008, 4:40 pm
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Come mon amie and welcome back to the blues effect. I would have to say that I am quite impressed by the gambit legend cards and of all the cards previewed my eyes can’t stop looking that this one  Continue reading

October 28, 2008, 3:46 pm
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This a question some of you may be asking. Many of you have just wrapped up your clone saga event winning with or losing to the top dog of the format spiderman. As the clone saga seasons ends the bring your own team frenzy begins. Within in this format brotherhood/x via lost city is quick to jump on everyones minds. There are many varients of the lost city build but it is the kang city deck that keeps everyone on there toes. Since lost city decks will be very popular within byott Kang city is great choice to counter such decks for one reason. That reason is this card

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ultimates ko!!
October 27, 2008, 3:28 pm
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Do you love decks that ko? Do you love decks that ko a lot? How about a ko deck that is very aggressive that is not mkko. I give to you all modern deck with the same koing power if not more then the marvel knights beast. It is a deck that uses shield from mun and the newly acquired ultimate cards. The idea for this deck came about when I first saw my eyes on this beauty

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October 24, 2008, 1:52 pm
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Hey every one and welcome back to the blues effect. I know every one now and then has complained about how the price of cards with their limited availability has sky rocket. With the limited print run of sets, it is getting harder and more expensive to gain access to the key cards in one’s deck to stay competitive. I have for you all an article by a fellow Neutral ground player who some of you regular traders on vsrealms have experience dealing with. Adan(REDYST) has nack for making cost effect decks while  staying  on top of the game. Adan would like to share with you all some of his techniques. enjoy:

jim hanleys universe clone saga tournament report-finals match
October 23, 2008, 5:18 pm
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Hey everyone and welcome back, if you enjoyed yesturday’s clone saga report you should like this finals report as well from steve(watchman12) of jim hanleys universe. enjoy:

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clone saga tournament report
October 22, 2008, 5:38 pm
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hey everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. Recently vs players all around have been attending their local clone saga events for some silver age madness. In this marquee format uniqueness has no bounderies. So it would be to no one’s surprise that spiderman and his amazing clones seem to be taking these clone tournament by storm. 
Over the past week myself and other players in this blog have discussed some card/decks that can handle the beast spiderman. With spidy being one of my favorite marvel characters I couldn’t resist but to play my build of spiderman (even though I said I wouldnt). I just couldn’t resist to play against a field that is so heavily teched against spidy. Especially neutral ground players( they all knew I had the deck). Here is my deck list: 
4 aunt may 
3 blade 
4 black cat 
2 spiderman- ultimate (should be 4 but only own 2) 
1 spiderman- web head 
1 spider girl 
4 spiderman- sensational 
1 spiderman-zombie 
1 spiderman- secret avenger 
2 mr. Sinister- visionary geneticist 
1 spiderman- outlaw 
2 human torch- hearld(6 drop) 
1 spiderman- starks prodege 
1 sentry 
1 galactus 
4 gift wrapped 
4 indepted 
4 omnipotence 
1 death of dream 
3 a proud zinco prouduct 
3 level 12 intelligence 
2 patheic attemp 
4 assorted alias 
4 empire state university 
2 reality gem 
So I have for you all a tournament report which would also coincide with the battle of the hobby leagues round 3. (Round 2) would be posted later since steve (watchman12) is still working on it. 
Well on to the tourny report. There were 10 players in all and these were the decks played 
Spiderman clones 
Superman clones 
Illuminati stall 
Illuminati/ff stall 
Juggernaut clone legend 
Future foes 
Secret six vic”clonious” 
Shield burn 
Avengers/juggernaut legend 
It was 3 rounds of swiss cut to top 4 
Round 1 
 Spiderman clones

vs future foes 

I’m playing against an occasional neutral ground player. A cool dude by the name darren. I lose the die roll and darren chooses odds. 
Turn 1- darren misses and I play aunt may searching for spiderman-ultimate. 
 50 me 50 darren 
Turn 2- I flip empire state university(esu) and activate it to look at the top 2 cards of my deck. I put 1 into my hand and I play indepted discarding spiderman zombie to search for black cat(which I recruit). Darren plays saturn queen in the hidden. I attack direct with black cat. Darren passes his attack. Before recovery I evade black cat to draw a card. 
48 me 48 darren 
Turn 3- darren plays braniac in the visible and I play spiderman -ultimates who was 2 web counters.I then use esu to net an extra card with aunt may. Darren uses saturn queens back up ability on black cat. Braniax then attacks black cat, I reinforce with spiderman and I use black cats ability to draw a card. 
46 me 48 darren 
Turn 4- I uses esu yet again exhuasting aunt may to add more to my hand size. Then I recruit spiderman-the sensational spiderman who comes into play with 2 web counters thanks to the 3 drop spidy.Darren plays sourcerers supression to exhaust 3 drop spidy. Darren then recruits lightning lord and I choose to not discard for his effect making lightning lord +2/+2. Darren also uses saturn queens back-up effect on the 4 drop spidy.

I use gift wrapped exhausting my 4 drop spidy to exhuast lightning lord. I also use spidermans ability to pay 7 atk to exhaut braniac. 
I choose to then evade black cat to mill more of my deck. 
44 m3 48 darren 
Turn 5- darren recruits 5 drop rage al gul. I play omnipotence(in response darren activates saturn queen) naming rage al gul.(don’t want him using that free ability now do I).esu is played followed by indepted in search of the 5 drop spiderman. I then recruit spiderman-secret avenger which comes into play with 2 more web counters(thanks to ultimate spidy). Gift wrapped is then played to exhaust ligning lord by exhausting the 4 drop spiderman. This is also followed by that same spiderman paying 7 atk to exhuast braniac. I then remove 5 web counters to exhaust rage al hul. With his board completely exhuasted darren passes. I swing my 5 drop into braniac for the one sides stun. I then evade to draw a card 
42 me 39 darren 
Turn 6- esu is activated yet again to gain me an extra card. I then play human torch- hearld. Darren responds with engine of chain but I have the discard to negate it. Darren underdrops another 5 drop rage al gul. In combat I send spiderman-secret avenger into rage al gul and darren plays future tempus (I choose not to discard) giving rage 12 defense. I then play assorted alias to up the attack +3/+3. Darren plays another future tempus which I discard for this time. Rage goes down. I then send human torch on lightning lord for the won sided stun. I evade with black cat to net a card.The 3 drop and 4 drop spiderman’s then team attack the second rage al gul. He stuns back sensational spidy. 
36 me 23 darren. 
Turn7- darren plays shrinking violet and uses saturn queens abilityI play spiderman- starks prodege who comes into play with 2 web counters. I then play gift wrapped exhausting my 7 drop to exhaust shrinking violet. I remove my 3 web counters to exhuast braniac. I then pay 9 attack from 7 drop spiderman to exhaust his 5 drop rage. With darren’s board tap he passes. I send human torch ino rage and I send 5 drop spidy with the help of assorted alias into braniac. 
36 me 3 darren. 
Turn 8- I play sentry and under drops. He then conceeds the game. 
Spiderman wins 






Both of us nothing
Turn 2
Albert W. plays Malice Vundebar
Louie A. Krypto both of us dont attack
Turn 3
Louie A. plays Natasha Irons <> Steel
Albert W. plays Oracle -> draws
Krypto attacks Malice
Direct w/ Steel
Turn 4
Albert W. flips up Joining darkseid
plays Darkseid
uses oracle then subs in another oracle
removes malice subbing in dark lantern targetting Darkseid.
Louie A. plays John Henry Irons <> Steel
Lantern attacks John
Louie A. plays Impervious
Albert W. responds with Savage
Darkseid attacks Krypto
Turn 5
Louie A plays Man who has everything searching for 5 drop Superman
Albert W plays Dark Superboy and flips up Titans of Tomorrow
Subs in Dark Firestorm (removing Oracle)
Subs in Dark Lantern (removing the other lantern)
Superman to Darkseid
Albert W. Powers up
Louie A. plays Flying Kick in response
Albert W. responses with another power and Lord of Akropolis
Louie A. plays Savage Beatdown
Team attack both Steels into Superboy
responds with Omega Effect Ko’ing Superman
Turn 6
Albert W. plays Dark Champion
Subs in Dark Firestorm twice
subs in Dark Lantern
Flips up another Joining Darkseid
Louie A. plays Pyrogen
and Flips up 2 Omni calling Titans of Tomorrow and Omega Effect
Dark Champion to Pyrogen
Dark Super boy to Steel
Dark Lantern and Dark Firestorm for game
I so wish I had time to feature a match this round with the illuminati (thevisionary) vs ff/illuminati (theblackbeast). from the picture the match sure looked mind boggling.

Round 2 



This round I’m playing against albert wu aka mr.2nd place seal 10k ny. I win the die roll and choose evens 
Turn 1- we both miss 
50 me 50 al 
Turn 2- I play black cat and al plays dark lantern in the hidden targeting himself.I swing in direct. Al send dark lantern into black cat for the one sided stun. I use black cats ability to draw a card. 
48 me 48 al 
Turn 3- al misses. I flip esu and activate it. I get nothing useful. Still fishing I evade black cat to draw a card. Still nothing. I’m forced to underdrop 
Blade. Al plays have a blast on esu And sends dark lantern into blade for the double stun. 
45 me 46 al 
Turn 4- I use esu again and then play indepted searching for spiderman- the sensational. Al uses terra form to put furnace of apokolips in his row. He flips it and subs in another dark lantern replaceing the first one. He activates the furnace to net a card hoping to hit the expected darksied. But he sadly fails and underdrops with a lowly madd harriet. In combat I send blade into mad harriet for the one sided stun. I then send spiderman and black cat direct. I pay 7 atk afterwards with spiderman to exhaust 
Dark lantern.I then evade to net a card. 
43 me 35 al 
Turn 5- I evade with black cat. al misses yet again ouch. (I must of did a voodoo cut on his deck). But hey I miss as well forced to under drop another copy of black cat and blade. Thank god for the clone saga rules). So in combat its dark lantern into black cat # 2 for the double stun then its madd harriet into blade with the help of savage beatdown for the double stun. I then rienforce. Al passes. And I attack direct with 4 drop spiderman. In recovery al keeps dark lantern and loses mad harriet. I lose blade #2. 
39 me 25 al 
Turn 6- I play spiderman-outlaw. Al plays dark superboy in the visible. I then send spiderman-the sensational spiderman into dark superboy with the help of assorted alias from the row.(don’t want superboy’s vengence to get full potential). Al plays steadily resolve for plus 3 defense. Fishing for a spiderman character card I evade both black cats in hopes of finding one. I’m sucessful and i I play yet another assorted alias to counter from the row. Superboy goes down alone. With superboy’s effect al chooses to stun blade. I use 4 drop spidy effect to exhuast dark lantern in the hidden. I then send spiderman- out law to attack direct. 
Me 33 al 6 
Turn 7 – al plays the 7 drop darksied (dls) and I underdrop and play human torch- herald. I pay 7 atk with the sensational spiderman to exhuast dark lantern. Gift wrapped is then played on dark superboy with the exhaust of the 6 drop spiderman. I form with human torch behind 6 drop spiderman. With out flight darksied is force to attack spiderman- outlaw for the one sided stun. With no other attackers Al passes. I then send human torch-hearld into dark superboy for the one sided stun and the win. 
Spiderman wins 
Round 3- 



This is against my friend adan(redyse on relams) who is a fellow nuetral ground regular who gave me the toughest match of the night. Who knew juggernaut was so good against spidy. I lose the die row and adan chooses odds. 
Turn 1- we both miss 
50 me 50 adan 
Turn 2- I play black cat and adan misses. I attack with black cat direct and then evade to draw a card for a discard. 
48 me 48 adan 
Turn 3- adan plays underground resistance neting him a card. He then plays 3 drop juggernaut and equips him with the juggernaut helmet. I play aunt may for free with the discard searching for spiderman- ultimates(I recruit him). I then play level 12 intelligence exhausting black cat to distroy the juggernaut helm. I activate esu with aunt may to net a card. I form with spidy behind black cat with aunt may to the right of spidy. Juggernaut swings into black cat and I reinforce with spidy.I discard to draw a card with black cat’s ability. 
46 me 48 adan 
Turn 4- I play spiderman- the sensational spiderman and adan plays the ultimate 4 drop juggernaut. And he forms with the 4 drop behind his cloned 3 drop jug.I just pay 7 attack to exhuast the 3 drop jug. Adan allows it and passes.and I pass my attack. 
46 me 48 adan 
Turn 5-now this turn was very interesting. Adan plays 5 drop juggernaut (mvl) and forms all 3 of his jugs in the front row. I play the 5 drop spidy. I then play omnipotence in response adan uses the 4 drop juggurnauts effect targeting his 5 drop juggernaut. I respond with that on the chain with with another copy of omnipotence adan has no responses and allows omnipotence # 2 to reolve. I name pathetic attemp. I then use spiderman- secret avengers “only human” effect targeting the 5 drop. In responce adan added more to the chain and use the 4 drop jug’s ability yet again targeting the 5 drop. In response I pay 7 atk from the sensational spiderman and exhaust the 3 drop juggernaut. I then remove the 5 counters from the six that accumilated (thanks to the 3 drop spiderman) and exhaust the 5 drop. Adan allows this since he probably can’t afford to discard what’s in his hand. With all that being resolved the first omnipotence is finally resolved with me calling juggernaut. With his only attacker adan sends the ultimates version of juggernaut into spiderman- secret avenger 
With the help of big leagues. I play assorted alias to counter hoping for the brick wall. To my surprise adan counters that with a reset to avoid the brick wall. adan then send juggernaut into the 4 drop spidy instead for the 1 sided stun. He passes and I then attack his 3 drop jug with the 5 drop spidy. 
42 me 42 adan 
Turn 6- I recruit 6 drop spidy and adan recruit the reprint 6 drop mystique.he formats with both 4 and 3 drop jugs in the support row for rienforcement options.

I send the 6 drop spidy into mystique with a power up for the 1 sided stun. I then send the 5 drop spidy into 3 drop jugs for the 1 sided stun. The rest of my board teams attack his 5 drop. Adan chooses to stun back the 4 drop. 
Adan keeps his 6 and 4 drop and loses the rest. 
38 me 25 adan 
Turn 7- adan recruits the feared 7 drop juggernaut. Immediately I use the 5 drop spidy’s “only human effect” on the 7 drop juggernaut. I then play 7 drop spiderman-starks prodege. I remove the 4 out of the 5 web counters I had to exhaust 4 drop juggernaut. I play gift wrapped to exhaust the 7 drop juggernaut since I can’t exhaust him with spidys (the 7 drop) effect because juggernauts atk is 17 I then pay 12 atk from spiderman- stark prodege to exhaust mystique. Adan passes with his board tapped. I then swing in my 6 drop spidy into 4 drop jugs and team attack with the rest of my board into the 7 drop jugs. Adan chooses to stun back the 5 drop spidy. Adan loses the 4 drop I keep my board. 
33 me 9 adan 
Turn 8- I miss sentry and underdrop with another 4 drop spidy adan then drops another 5 drop juggernaut. I with my turn to attack and a superior board pressence. I make safe team attacks for the win. 
Spiderman wins 
Cut to top 4 
I go undefeated into the top 4 which consist of 
Spiderman (me) blues686 
Juggernaut (adan) (redyst) 
Shild burn (osh) (xyertreyx) 
Darksied gk (albert) 
The top 4 matches are paired as so 
Spiderman vs juggernaut (again???omg) 
(Pretty much the same turn of events took place as the previous game. Adan was ahead in endurance with 50 life pretty much the whole game until turn 6 where I tied it to 21 a piece. on turn 7 I played safe after having exhausted 2 of his 4 attackers I placed all my characters in the support row to avoid the chance of adan playing unstopable and insureing the rienforcement and to going into turn 8 where I won the game) 
Shield burn vs darksied/gk 
Well there was suppose to be a feature match on this but osh( got sooo into the match since it was a nail bitter he stop taking notes around turn 4.) Thanks man. Lol. Well it turns out al won by 1 point on turn 6. Talk about close game. 
Darksied win 
With me and albert in the finals we decided to split the prizes just to save time ( it was already 930pm and the store closes at 10). Plus I had to go to work which i was super late for. I had to be there at So he took the mat and I took the mul cards. And we all had a great time. 
As for the battle of the hobby leagues neutral ground took round 3 (really 2 but still waiting on that report from steve) with an all neutral finals! Take that jim hanely’s!! 
Ng 1win—-jhu 1win 
Well that is all folks. Hope you all enjoyed the report. Untill next time. 
Ralph Edwards aka blues686