The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

Ultimate Nullifier: The Death of Shift
November 7, 2008, 6:41 am
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Hey everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. As many of you now know shift is a new mechanic in the  upcoming marvel evolution VS system expansion. Over at vsrealms, many have express how awesome the shift mechanic is and how boarderline broken it can be. From the first look of things shift can be seen as another version press where you abuse the the resource rule by recruiting more characters then you should. Although shift may look broken at first glance there is a card within the modern rotation of sets that may make the shift mechanic obsolete. I have article for you all by fellow neutral gound player osh(xyertreyx) which breaks down the card that is the ultimate shift killer. Enjoy:

yerTrey here with another card that is just too broken. As we all know, the new set is coming out and I have already found a couple of flaws in the network. It seems that one card that was already released can just completely negate your hard earned Shifted counters. This card is called Ultimate Nullifier


and it came out in the MEX set. I’m sure someone saw this coming, and now you have a place to rant and rave about it. I’m going to talk about how much Shift feels sad when looking at this one Nullifier on the field.
First, lets talk about the card itself. I know they were unrestricted with making the MEX cards, so I guess that is a little excuse. This card negates pretty much anything that is going to have a major effect on the game. Spider-Man feels sad, Random just continuously makes you lose cards for no reason, Magneto can’t move the pen, and Hulk can get mad all he wants….he still looks like a little piece of spinach. This card doesn’t go in every deck of course, but think about how much equipment hate is in modern. Oh yeah, there is none. Search? None as well. I think they are gonna balance that out in the next set. If not, then this card can be almost unstoppable in modern. Of course you have Omnipotence


and such, but you can be ready for that with a timely Death of a Dream, Have a Blast, or something new that is coming out. So far, this set just seems very negate able.

So you paid all those resource points, under dropped and figured you could hold off until you got two 4 drops on the field. Yeah, you feel good about yourself. They recruit first but its alright, you are going to brick wall and take field advantage. Your cocky, and you feel sexy. What the hell was that? An equipment??? HOLY CRAP! Now I am scared to try to Shift in my four. I could lose all shift counters and fail at life…all one turn at a time. You can’t even Pathetic Attemp


this effect, which is crazy. I know all of you are saying that in Silver it will never get play, and you are right. There is way too much equipment hate in Silver and not enough searches. Also, the draw back in silver is too great. In Silver, it all depends on the set up and how well you can secure your win condition.

While Shift is a great concept, I hate that it can be taken away with one card. And in Silver, Batman- cape and cowl


can also make you feel sad. If there is going to be a Shift rush deck, it is going to be interesting to see. I feel that if you are doing a shift rush, you have to kill turn 4 or 3. I see an x-men rush with a little bit of brotherhood mixed in for flavor. I just feel that in this next set, Ultimate Nullifier will have way too much power. The power to take away all that work with one activate, makes me wonder what else is going to happen. I guess this card has always had this power and no one has really found out a real reason to use it. Now, I say all the smart stall players out there should sell out Cool Stuff Inc. Yes…I am one of them. Hey Ralph, beat me down now!!



Ah ever the opportunist arn’t you osh! It would seem that osh has stumbled apon what may very be the death of shift in viability before it even stood a chance. I still believe shift can be competitive but if it gets out of line like kree press you better believe that the ultimate nullifier would put a wrench in any shift player’s game plan. If the ultimate nullifier can handle great power like galactus


then it can easily handle the power of shift. Well thats is all for todays installment of the blues effect. Hope you all enjoyed the article and check back next week for some battle of the boarder tournament action.

until next time,

Ralph Edwards aka blues686



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Ultimate N !!! nice !! I never thought of that one ! 6 drop Bats sure but UN is way better !
great article !

Comment by Zeus

Thank you Zues..

Comment by yerTrey

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