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November 18, 2008, 6:31 am
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Hey everyone an welcome back to the blues effect. Today i have an article by Louie Araneta who goes by (azure) on vsrealms. In This article louie breaks down his winning deck from a recent bring your own two team event. enjoy:

Hey guys, this is Louie Araneta writing up for the Blues Effect. The deck I played in BYOTT and won with in Jim Hanley’s BYOTT event is Brotherhood + JLA. The basic premise is to have Lost CIty up with a little help from New Era and even more help with Magnificent Seven for those extra power-ups.
Here is the deck list.

Characters 31
1 drops – 4 Gypsy
2 drops – 2 Pyro   4 Quicksilver
3 drops – 3 Magneto  3 Juggernaut
4 drops – 2 Aquaman 4 Sabertooth
5 drops – 1 Juggernaut  1 Kyle Raynor 2 Quicksilver
6 drops – 2 Aquaman 1 Spiral
7 drops – 1 Superman 1 Fabian Cortez

Plot Twists/Locations 30
3 – Avalon Space Station
4 – Lost City
4 – Hall of Justice
2 – The Watchtower
1 – Monument to a Madman
4 – Magnificent Seven
2 – Reform the League
3 – New Era
3 – Mightiest Heroes
4 – Battle Training

deck/card run down

The mulligan condition is Lost City or Any Location + New Era.

Gypsy -is a very nice 1 drop because of the return to hand power up effect. This helps out alot because you can then discard her to Avalon Space Station to bring back 2 other power ups for a total of +9/+9.


Quicksilver -as a 2 drop and Quicksilver as a 5 drop will pretty much guarantee you can get back the 2 drop from the KO’ed pile or have them in your hand as power ups with normal draws.


pyro- an alternate 2 drop with the ability to burn your opponent for 3 endurance. very good off initiative.

The three drops is where it changes.

Magneto- is pretty much a tech for anti-swarm or for some teams that need their 1 drops or can make 1 drops come out for free.


Juggernaut- is just the normal straight up beatdown if there is no need for that tech.


The four drops are your call.

Aquaman- can get a free power up or you can go the straight beatdown next turn with Sabertooth.


I prefer

Sabertooth -because he is just so powerful.


The five drops are where tech happens again.

Juggernaut- for the replacing resources.


The main is

Quicksilver-  because of him being able to re-ready, just play Battle Training on him and he can swing for alot twice.


kyle rayner- an alternate 5 drop with a beffy defense that may make it difficult for some characters to go through with a couple of power ups in line with the lost city+avalon engine. also has the awesome ability to recover stun characters.


Turn six main is

Aquaman- he brings back two power-ups pretty much, a character you can power up with + Magnificent Seven. He is defintely the man to go for.


spiral- an alternate 6 drop with a decent effect.

Turn seven

Fabian Cortez- is there for the double stun damage when your guys do breakthrough to just add insult to injury and Superman just incase I lost the roll and got evens.


superman- you cant have the jla with out superman. ally might not take an effect here but his leader ability is huge by giving adjacent characters flight to break up an opponents formation for maximum breakthrough.

The secret location in this deck is the

Monument to a Madman- If by some reason your Lost City is replaced this stops it from happening and lets you just play it again next turn.


Lost City- is the main location for this deck. Powering up now gives +3/+3 instead of a very small +1/+1.
Avalon Space Station- lets you get back those power ups you just used to use em again. This is another location that is needed alot.
Hall of Justice- is the free power up. If a character gets put it your KO’ed pile from the Hall of Justice effect, just get it back with Avalon, or if its a plot twist you can get it back on turn six with Aquaman, either way you get a power up and a possibility of getting another power up or a plot twist for later.

Battle Training- is really there because its a +4 for the turn and Quicksilver being the main five drop he can attack twice with a +4 attack, that and not many teams have a +4 attack pump thats team stamped.


Magnificent Seven- is there for the +3/+3 ofcourse! This is the main plot twist I will use from my hand because of Aquaman at 6. plus free card draw is awesome.
New Era- can be a search for Lost City or a search for a location you dont have set in your resource. It can really help out if you have doubles of locations and you dont have a Hall of Justice. New Era can also be used in response if someone is gonna blow up your Lost City.
Reform the League-is very powerful. The discard any character card can be used to power-up anyone, and if used with Avalon Space Station you can easily get back characters that you discarded like that needed drop for that turn.
watchtower- a searchable location that his the character tutor for this deck.
mightiest heroes- character searcher. nuff’ said

well thats my deck that won me my local byott event. hope you enjoyed

-Louie Araneta (azure)

Where there you have it, a powerfull deck that can take a whole event by storm. There’s one more local byott event coming up very soon so expect more tournament report and top deck break downs in the coming weeks right here on the blues effect.

well that is all for this installment,

until next time

Ralph Edwards aka blues686


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maybe I missed it but how are you teaming them up ?

Comment by Zeus

@ zues-the format is “bring your own two team”. it is an offical ude format where you choose two teams and the teams are automatically crossovered. no team ups required.

Comment by blues686

Soo err ah, I guess I am an idiot, (although a nice and friendly one) sorry about that, I completely spaced on that one

Comment by Zeus

lol we all have one of those momments..

Comment by blues686

Just wondering…wouldn’t this deck be super special awesome with Batman, Justices Shadow on 5? “Whenever a character you control attacks, power up?”. Also Hawkman ? on 3, gives a free power up when you defend.

Interesting deck. If its alright with you I might use it 😀

Comment by Tommy G

Just wondering…wouldn’t this deck be super special awesome with Batman, Justices Shadow on 5? “Whenever a character you control attacks, power up?”. Also Hawkman ? on 3, gives a free power up when you defend.

Interesting deck. If its alright with you I might use it 😀

Comment by Tommy G

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