The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

November 19, 2008, 7:57 pm
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Hey every one as you may know shift is a new mechanic from the mev expansion that is going to be release in about a week.There have been many discussions and articles on  ways to counter shift such as the an article written by osh(xyertreyx), Ultimate nullifier-death of shift. Recently it has been hinted by herocomplex on vsrealms that the shift mechanic would be non negatable. herocomplex states:

“But while I’m spoiling Shift’s rules, and on the brighter side for Shift players—the three “Shift-based” payment powers can’t be negated by players. Much like the Epic effects from Coming of Galactus, they’ve got some extra protection.

Both of these are part of Shift’s future CRD entry, spread the word.”

If heroscomplex’s words are correct it would appear that the previous counters to shift such as batman



ultimate nullifier


would no longer have any effect on the mechanic.

As of now many are currently discussing their  dislikes and likes of the new ruleing over at vsrealms. what would this epic ruleing on shift hold towards the state of the game is unknown at the moment. The main fear as i see it is that many are afraid that a shift base team/deck would have the power level of press ten fold for the simple fact that you are swarming with on curve characters. although the characters may be blank vanilla characters, but there oversize stats, and on curve field advantage makes up for the blandness. As you may recall that even press characters where blank slated characters and the kree press deck was a dominate force in the meta at one time.

As of now i see shift as a hugh problem for regualar curve decks. With the ability to swarm multiple on curve characters the match up against a normal curve would be the ratio of 2:1. I now strongly believe it is unfair to make a standard curve suddenly unviable because theres isnt anything currently that can negate epic mechanic. see with kree press there was huge card selection to slow down or stun off curve swarm, but with an on curve swarm the anwsers are very limited. As of now my judgement  pre-mev i find shift a tad broken. As stated by some on vsrealms that we have yet to see the whloe set. so my view point on this matter may actually change, but as for now it stands as is.

As for all the “chicken littles” out there it is known that shift need certain cards to work that can be negated or replaced  With the two previous counters that i have stated before such as


3 drop Blink

2 drop Proteus

and 3 drop Shadowcat


so it may not be entirely broken. I guess we all just have to wait and see for the rest of what mev has in store for us. but hey if sh!t hits the fan you can always play wolverine smash and kill  a shift deck before it even gets started

well that is all for this installment of the blues effect

untill next time,

Ralph Edwards aka blues686



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