The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

November 20, 2008, 9:58 am
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Hey everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. Ever since the “The captain-cant remember his real name”


was released I always wanted to abuse the legend stamped cards for various characters similar to the bizarre.dec. But instead of going the aggressive route as bizarre.dec did, I wanted to try a more stall oriented build.

At first the preliminary build was silver age using spiderman/ dr.doom legend tricks like gift wrapped/mystical paralysis and having the esu, black cat engine for card draw. This build also used superhuman registration act to fill in the curve with silver bullets such as black manta and human torch-herald. With the recent previews of Marvel evolutions I wanted to make a more modern build of a super legend deck using “the captain.” With the previews of the Cyclops legend plot twists


and mystique-fox


my mind went crazy with the potential of a modern build. The legends that I choose that I felt had the strongest stall elements consisted of: Cyclops, dr.doom, and captain America. But the deck alone couldn’t just survive on just those legends to be competitive in a modern format. So the support legends that I added into the deck consisted of: aquaman, invisible woman, darksied and Annihilus.

My rough draft of a super legend captain deck looks something like this

4x dr-sivana

4x captain America

1x invisible woman

4x the captain

2x mystique-fox

1x black manta

1x dr.doom

1x aquaman

1x starfire

1x the sentry

1x darkseid

Plot twist

4x carrying the torch

4x mobilize

4x superhuman registration act

4x concussive force

4x fearless leader

3x mystical paralysis

2x wave of destruction

2x stars and strips

1x force field projection

1x endgame


3x poesidonis

3x alias investigations


4 captain america’s shield

60 count

Now let me break down the card choices in the rough draft of a super legend deck.

Dr.sivana- a concealed 2 drop that has the ability to let you draw a card for a simple discard. Also helps in getting the desired characters in your ko pile to use for carrying the torch.


Captain America- one of the main legend supports of this deck. This 2 drop can be used with carrying the torch to give any character the captain America name. this drop can also be used early on turns 2 and 3 equiped with a captain America shield to help in the early stall game.


Invisible woman- you can either recruit her or use her as carrying the torch fodder to abuse such legend cards as force field projection


The captain-basically the super legend of the deck. You are to basically use his name gaining ability to have use of the multiple legend effect with in the deck. Plus free card draw is an awesome bonus


Mystique-a character that is basically a “carrying the torch” on stick. With her ability it is possible to become any legend.


Black manta- the awesome ability to get any card from the ko pile for the simple cost of 3 endurance makes this card an auto include in this deck. His loyalty is also easily surpassed by superhuman registration act.


Dr.doom- you can either recruit or use him as carrying the torch fodder to abuse such plot twist as mystical paralysis.


Aquaman- another 6 drop that you can recruit to return you some extra cards to help continue the super legend stall engine. Or you can also use aquaman as fodder for “carrying the torch.”


Starfire- One of the lynchpins of the deck. After stalling the whole game star fires effect helps slowly seal the deal in your victory


Darkseid-this card is used in an alternate win condition combo’d with the card “end game”


The sentry- basically his effect is to get rid of any nasties that may get in your way to victory.


Superhuman registration act- this card is awesome that it teams everyone of your characters and allows you to search any character regardless of affiliation with the help of mobilize. Also seeing the top card of your deck has great synergy with alias investigations.


Carrying the torch-this card is used to give any character of cost 3 or more (primarily the captain) a characters name that was removed from the ko pile. This helps the uses of multiple character legend effects.


Mobilize- character searcher. Nuff said’


Concussive force- this card is very key to exhausting most of your opponents board. Basically a stronger version of gift wrapped.


Fearless leader- this card is a house when use to reread the captain or any character with the Cyclops name to abuse such cards as: concussive force, mystical paralysis or force field projection


Mystical paralysis- another legend effect that can be easily used to exhaust any character.


Wave of destruction- this card basically is there to replace trouble some resources such as omnipotence. It can also be use as resource recycler of your own resource row. Similar to the 6 drop jean grey’s effect from mxm.


Stars and strips- an awesome card that can recover any character any time with the captain America name.


Force field projection- a powerful card that can remove any attacker. Its also great that it cant be stopped by pathetic attempt since it doesn’t target.


End game- an alternate win condition of the deck.


Alias investigations- this card is used for extra card draw. Has very good synergy with superhuman registration act to the point that you card draw would be 100 percent successful.


Poseidonis- an awesome card that can be use to get any card on top of your deck that can be easily drawn for abuse.


As you can see this deck can be very very annoying. Have only practice with a proxy build of the deck so far and it looks quite promising. Some of the interactions that I love with this deck is the fact that I can have the potential of exhausting 5 characters from my opponents board with a single character.

The combo goes as so (given the captain has the name captain America and Cyclops):

1.The captain equipped with a captain america’s shield

2. play concussive force (2 exhaustions)

3. use captain Americas shield (1 exhaustions)

4. play fearless leader to ready the captain

5. play concussive force yet again with the many ways the deck has of reusing plot twist. (2 exhaustions)

Total of 5 exhaustions using 1 character.( this doesn’t take in effect of the potential possibility of other copies of captain america’s shield on the the board)

It’s just plain sick for a single character to tap down an entire board of characters. Not even pathetic attempt can stop it all. There are many other legend plot twist and characters that can be easily thrown in this deck that have some potential. The possibilities are so endless that its yet another thing the captain must try to remember.


Im sure others have thought of this same concept and im curious to see what they created.

Well that is all for this installement of the blues effect. Hope you all enjoy.

Until next time,

Ralph Edwards aka blues686



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Nice !!! I love the Captain, great idea (exhausting 5 characters with one crazy)!!

Comment by Zeus

HEY!! This deck list looks EXTREMELY familar sir. Does this mean that when I actually make my version that I will be copying you? I think not. I would just like a little credit here sir. Don’t act like you didn’t play agianst my uber stall deck 30 million times….AND the Starfire thing..hmm…wonder where you got that from. I’m not hating. I like the deck list, and honestly that is pretty much the route I was going as well only less a few other cards. Like I suggested before, 1 drop Mystique would make the 5 drop a lot more helpful. Just my two cents.

BTW…looks like we will be competing for the same cards on VS Realms huh?

Comment by yerTrey

@yertrey- lol o god dont pull a “thevisionary” on me now!lol

i did state “Im sure others have thought of this same concept and im curious to see what they created.”

so i am giving credit. u cant possibly expect me to say oh i got this tip from playing so and so and what not everytime. so i made a bland statement giving everyone credit at the same time! lol. i do this because im very name everyone and their moms

and yes we will be competeing against each other for some of the cards.let the online trades and ebay battles

p.s. your captain deck was alot of doom/spidy. this one is capt america/cyclops. so its a lil difference.
i win 😛

Comment by blues686

lol It has the same cards, and my new one i am making has a couple of changes….woo!

Comment by yerTrey

[…] influence and a super human registration act, the prospect for victory may fall in the hands of a super-legend. What build of a super-legend can be anyone’s guess, but a good prediction is one will make […]


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