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Marvel Evolution: Quick Thoughts
November 25, 2008, 5:14 am
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Hey everyone and welcome back. The marvel evolution vs system expansion set is officially released today. i for one cant wait to grab a couple of boxes from my local game store. After viewing the set in its entirety from the text spoiler I am both impressed and unimpressed with the cards within this set.

The teams in general for this set alone have a rock, paper, scissor feel. For example the marauders via sinister legend beats x-force via cable legend. Also x-force via cable legend loses to weapon x single handily because of mesmero. There are a lot of cards that counter each other within this set which makes this set very balanced. Some example of this are:

Card Name: Iceman, Snowman
Type: Character
Affiliation: X-Factor/X-Men
Cost: 1
Atk/Def: 2/1
Abilities: Range
Rules Text:
Opposing characters that have used activated powers this turn can’t ready.
Rarity: Common
Card #: MEV-013


Card Name: Iceman, Jack Frost
Type: Character
Affiliation: X-Factor/X-Men
Cost: 3
Atk/Def: 4/5
Abilities: Range
Rules Text:
[Activate] -> The next time target exhausted character would ready this turn, instead it remains exhausted.
Flavor Text:“Catch a cold.”
Rarity: Rare
Card #: MEV-014


Card Name: Mesmero, Vincent
Type: Character
Affiliation: Weapon X
Cost: 2
Atk/Def: 2/4
Abilities: Range
Rules Text:
While a character hunted by you isn’t stunned, opponents can’t play plot twists during the combat phase.
Rarity: Rare
Card #: MEV-190


Card Name: Domino, Probablility Manipulator
Type: Character
Affiliation: X-Force/X-Men
Cost: 3
Atk/Def: 4/4
Abilities: Range
Rules Text:
Whenever you play a plot twist while an X-Force character you control is in combat, you may negate target effect from a non-ongoing plot twist.
Rarity: Rare
Card #: MEV-053


Card Name: Extended Monologue
Type: Plot Twist
Cost: 3
Atk/Def: /
Rules Text:
Ongoing: While you control Deadpool, you and characters you control not named Deadpool can’t be the target of opposing effects.
Rarity: Rare
Card #: MEV-208


Everything that targets within this set (which is quite a lot)

There are a lot more that I can name, but as you can see the set is pretty balance within its self. The only problem I see from this is the lack of cards that allow you to hit the hidden area. This gives me the thought that eventually in modern hidden beat decks may soon be the dominate force in aggressive combat. Also I notice the ability to easily search your deck for certain cards such as plot twist or equipments are more and more difficult to do. As sets are released “searching” is being replace with more draw effects and rally. I personally have a problem with this for the simple fact that I feel if this trend continues, the game would slowly be decided on who draws a better hand then on skill. It would turn more luck base and it would become another ‘yugioh.’

Overall the set looks fun and entertaining, but there are only a few teams and few cards that interest me in competitive play. X-factor has solid control scheme that in modern age may be a force to be reckon with. Exiles looks like it may be one of the top teams in modern age for quite awhile. There ability to swarm on curve characters makes them just as powerful as kree press. So far after reviewing this set from the text spoiler exiles only counter as of yet is either out rush them (killing before turn 5), or out stall them (the only stall I see that can do that in this set is x-factor). It would seem that exiles and kree press loses to the same scenarios. Weopon x is another team that will be the next top dog of the hidden area. The hunter mechanic just makes these characters even angrier. Weopon x may be the first team I build and it just might be one of the cheapest of all the other teams. This brings me to my other problem that is becoming more and more common as the post- mvl sets are being released. Most of the decks if not all require a lot of rares to even function viably. As it stands the rare break down goes as follows (from lost hemisphere):

  • Factor: 16 rares, 10 uncommons
  • X-Force: 12 rares, 3 uncommons
  • Marauders: 12 rares, 11 uncommons
  • Exiles: 21 rares, 7 uncommons
  • Weapon X: 18 rares, 10 uncommons
  • Runaways: 5 rares, 4 uncommons
  • Purifiers: 4 rares, 2 uncommons
  • Horsemen: 5 rares
  • Starjammers: 5 rares, 2 uncommons
  • Generica: 10 rares, 4 uncommons

Exiles looks like they are the most rare heavy and since there are becoming the most popular team of this set they are becoming the most expensive. Of the 4 main teams marauders and weopon x may be the cheapest team to make.

Within this set there are quite a few cards that I believe will make an impact within the current meta. Some cards are


All the cards mention I believe have the most potential for abuse. I pray I can get a hold of all the cards I need from this set. From the looks of it just may sell out just as fast as marvel universe. So you better get a hold of those boxes of mev Asap. I know I am.

Well that Is all for this installment of the blues effect

until next time

Ralph Edwards aka blues686



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