The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

November 27, 2008, 11:08 am
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Hey every one and welcome back to the blues effect. First off I would like to apologize for not posting on Wednesday. I was very tired from pulling an all nighter studying for my exams before the thanksgiving break. Today I have for you all an article by osh(xyertreyx) discussing a very strong deck within the bring your own two team event. Enjoy: (ignore all his trash

Yertrey here. Now it seems that Mr. Ralph is scared of my two teams deck, so he asked me to write an article on it so he can find ways to stop it. So instead, I’ll write an article on my firend’s two team deck and allow him to find holes in his. I built this deck as well will the extra cards in my stock. Here is the list:


moloids x5

AIM agents


Elite Doom Guards

doom-guards x5


viper x2

Doom Bot Corps


Dr. doom



mun-1172 x3



Mr. Fantastic


Cut off one head




Torture chamber x2

Armies of doom


Arsenal of doom


The devil we know




Hand dojo


Now, if you can’t tell, this two teams deck crosses over crime lords and doom, mostly around the army characters and ko effects. Wolverine and Viper are there to keep the peace. I always had good standings when I play with moloids, and my friend used to play wild sentinels so he gets the basic concept.

Now with this, I have killed many times on turn 4 thanks to just 1 copy of “cut of one head.”Here are a couple of scenarios for you all to see potential of this deck:

Two Doom Earths face up, wolverine, and a two drop army guy, 3 drop doom, 1 moloid and a doom bot on the field.(doom bot came into play with armies of doom). Doom bot swings in, stunning the 4 drop easily. Moloid goes into the 3 no problem. The board is now clear. Lets calculate how much damage that can now be done DIRECTLY. Doom-9atk,doom guard -6 atk,wolverine 10 atk, then “cut off one head” for lets say 2 moloids(even though by that time there should be a doom guard in the ko pile) with a total of 12 attack together. That means on turn 4, you just handed your opponent a nice fat check of 44 endurance.. not taking into account the possibility of break through done to those two characters. ALSO, not to mention any damage earlier in the game. This deck is extremely consistent and extremely deadly.

“well gee trey aren’t you playing this deck your self if its so good?” My answer to that is…………shut your face lol.

We still have a few days until our two team event at Neutral Grounds, so Ralph, why don’t you go ahead and tweak your deck. I’ll be coming for ya. Oh, and don’t mind little quotes at the bottom of this.. he likes to QQ…



Ah osh, osh, osh the dog that’s all bark but no bite! Don’t worry I’ll give you the beating like I did this past hobby league so YOU better be well there you have it folks osh’s two team beast of a deck. Hopefully osh can back up his smack talk for this upcoming Tuesday two team event. To see if he can actually hold up to his word check back here next Wednesday for full coverage of the two team event.

Well that is all for this installment of the blues effect. happy thanksgiving everyone!!

Until next time

Ralph Edwards aka blues686


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