The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

Beware the Voice Behind the Silent King
July 23, 2017, 9:24 am
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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blue Area of the Moon .. errr um.., I mean Blues Effect! Vs System 2PCG  Monster’s Unleashed  previews are in full swing in the blogospheres with sneak peaks of  members of the Inhumans. I am very excited  to share with you all one main character card of the Inhumans  team. For every king there is always a queen; Even in Attilan this holds true.  Behold, I present to you…..

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Bang!! Bang!! The Monsters have returned
July 15, 2017, 4:29 pm
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Hey everyone Blues686 is here and welcome back to the Blues Effect. I know it has been some time since I’ve written in this blog (8 years to be exact) but I am happily to announce I’m back in the driver seat. The excitement of the relaunch of vs system 2 years ago  along with the recent spoilers of the upcoming expansion “MONSTERS UNLEASHED!” has given  me the desire to share content geared towards competitive play  like I once did. Now with the re-introductions out of the way lets get to what you all are here for, vs system. Of all the previews cards so far I am most excited for the main character card Elsa Bloodstone. At first glance her main character (MC) card appears to be the strongest of the previewed MC’s so far for the monsters team.  With that in mind I tinkered around with a few deck lists which I will share one with you all today along with a deck break down. First here is the list:

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