The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

Bang!! Bang!! The Monsters have returned
July 15, 2017, 4:29 pm
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Hey everyone Blues686 is here and welcome back to the Blues Effect. I know it has been some time since I’ve written in this blog (8 years to be exact) but I am happily to announce I’m back in the driver seat. The excitement of the relaunch of vs system 2 years ago  along with the recent spoilers of the upcoming expansion “MONSTERS UNLEASHED!” has given  me the desire to share content geared towards competitive play  like I once did. Now with the re-introductions out of the way lets get to what you all are here for, vs system. Of all the previews cards so far I am most excited for the main character card Elsa Bloodstone. At first glance her main character (MC) card appears to be the strongest of the previewed MC’s so far for the monsters team.  With that in mind I tinkered around with a few deck lists which I will share one with you all today along with a deck break down. First here is the list:

Elsa bloodstone


level 1- decent stats  with range and a  level 1 power that can stun almost any base stat character.

level 2- make the game never end with her healing powers

1 drop 


tim boo ba x4- A very strong on team 1 drop  that really hurts opposing strategies and counters that require another 1 drop. goodbye cosmos, goodbye charlie 27, and good riddance falcon.


Shadowcat x4- this card is very key to the deck’s long term plans of staying alive longer and abusing x men team stamped plot twist. Its essentially a “think again” via character form.

2 drop


Creature from the black bog x4-  although this card cant attack it is a pretty solid 2 drop for defense  to have early to protect elsa while shes in the back row sniping away. its also a solid card to redirect attacks to early in the game with plot twist that you will see later on the list


Namor x4- a great xmen flyer with multiple health  that helps protect elsa in the back row as well as keep xmen stamped plot twist active

3 drop


Jessica Jones x4- a real mvp in the current meta along with new champion previews this card will hurt many strategies that require use of intellect (yellow) locations. This card protects elsa and   also has great synergy with the 6 drop of this deck.


Scragg x2- This card is a back up 3 drop and its mainly here because its on team and has flight to protect elsa. If by chance you need to get rid of range on an opposing character to avoid the stun back scragg is your monster to have. goodbye punisher.

4 drop


Starhawk x4- This card has been seen in many competitive decks and its abilities are crucial in having  consistency with elsa level 2 power.

5 drop


Miss america x4- Similar to jessica jones this card with tough makes getting to elsa in the back row very difficult to do.

6 drop


Ash x4- Now this is a card many would look over but in this deck he works very well with jessica jones on the field. even better with tim boo ba for the cosmos counter. with the potential for multiple attacks and a superior field advantage, ash cleans up the rest of the opposing board. Also the added bonus 3 wounds is awesome with elsa level 2 effect as well.

Plot Twists


Uncanny defense x4- now you may say lethal may be an issue, well with this card you can always change the defenders and keep character alive longer like jessica jones and miss america


X-factor x4- this card is key in helping elsa level early in case any combat enders or defensive pumps slow elsa down.


krakkle-thoom! x4- the main attack pump of the deck. remember savage beatdown from old vs system, well this is essentially the same thing.



Mu x4- used for any of elsa’s abilities


school of gifted youngsters x2- used for shadowcats combat cancel abilities


earth x4- used for elsa main level 1 power and scragg range/dodge stealing abilities


Laboratory x4- used for elsa level 2 power and shadowcats combat cancel ability

Now that you have seen the list I can tell you the goal of the deck. When you play this build you want to ideally have the following curve : tim boo ba, namor, jessica jones, starhawk, miss america, ash. With a curve like this you protect elsa by having big bodies with flight that can instantly recover. you will be able to safely attack with elsa multiple times with big attacks and level early. You stun the opposing board while maintaining yours due to high health characters. 6 drop ash cleans up what ever opposing characters are left. If by  chance  you get a few stuns on elsa, her level 2 ability will heal herself anywhere  between 1-3 wounds with the added consistency of starhawk. This list tries to have as little 1 wound characters as possible to benefit better with elsa’s level 2 power.  Some cards that may give this deck issues are any lethal cards or combat enders like think again and shadowcat. Even the odds can also slow this deck down but the list prepares for such counters.

With the up coming 10k tournament hosted by upper deck at gen con in august I expect elsa and friends to show their  face as she does well in 35 minuet time frame either winning by attrition or by wound count . Well, this is one of the many variants of the main character elsa that I have and I hope you all enjoy trying it out. Expect more articles, maybe a preview or two from myself and guess writers  from my testing partners in team metro (nyc/nj) here on the Blues Effect.

Well that is all for this installment of the Blues Effect

until next time,

-Ralph Edwards aka Blues686


ps: dont spill elsa’s tea on your way out….too late BANG!!!



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