The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

Beware the Voice Behind the Silent King
July 23, 2017, 9:24 am
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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blue Area of the Moon .. errr um.., I mean Blues Effect! Vs System 2PCG  Monster’s Unleashed  previews are in full swing in the blogospheres with sneak peaks of  members of the Inhumans. I am very excited  to share with you all one main character card of the Inhumans  team. For every king there is always a queen; Even in Attilan this holds true.  Behold, I present to you…..

Medusalith Amaquelin  of the House of Boltagon,   First of her name, The Untangled, Queen of the Inhumans, and the First Men, Protector of Attilan, Lady of the Terrigen Mist, Breaker of Silence, and Mother of Lockjaws. (sorry, its Sunday and I currently have Game of Thrones fever)


So here we have the  main character card  Medusa who shows some similarities with her support character card from the marvel A-force expansion  set. With a starting 2/5 stat line she can survive against most turn 1 aggro attacks before the use of any resources. She has a level 1 ability that stops opposing characters, main characters included, to change positions until your next turn. The tangle up ability effects cards with the card text or rules that uses the words Move, Push, Pull or Switch such as:


The tangled up ability works very well in conjunction with cards that pushes opposing cards out of the way such as:


Want to push an annoying non-ranged flyer out the way for a period of time to get at a protected main character , then this card combo works well with the tangled ability

The tangled ability also works well with cards that pulls opposing characters hiding in the back row  so those cards can remain easy targets. One card that currently has this ability is


Now you may look at medusa’s level up requirement and think she requires a mono team build to be successful. That isnt entirely true. Any card ,not just characters, such as  plot twist and locations with the Inhumans affiliation can count towards her experience for level up. So far the non-character cards previewed that can fulfill the experience requirement for medusa are the following:


Once leveled up Medusa gains the ability similar to  Enchantress.


This makes beating on those immoveable characters ever more easier. Eventually gaining the board advantage.

I do hope Inhumans get a character in the set similar to star lord for the team up ability. That way if you’re not a fan of mono builds and want to splash off team  characters with no draw backs to leveling, you can. As more Inhuman cards are previewed we will see what inclusions are needed to make Medusa  a tangled force to be reckoned with.

Well, that is all for this installment of the Blues Effect. Until next time,  bow before your queen


-Ralph Edwards aka blues686



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Your article sucks.

Comment by You Suckt

hahaha nice try troll

Comment by blues686

Haha why do people troll? Very weird! In any case, interesting article. The Inhumans have some very exciting cards. I am very interested in a Black Bolt deck though I do like Medusa’s style…finally a reason to get Major Victory involved again!

Comment by Josh

thanks glad you enjoyed the article

Comment by blues686

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