The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

“We Shall Never Be Destroyed! Cut Off a Limb, and Two More Shall Take its Place! As the World Shall Soon Serve Us! Hail Hydra!”

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blues Effect. Today im going to share with you a deck based on the main character, supreme leader, that also placed high on my tier list. This deck by far is one of my favorite decks to play as i am a huge fan of captain america and the secret empire story line. Below you will find the list along with a deck breakdown.

supreme leader level 1- a very solid level 1 power that left unchecked can be very problematic for opponent. gaining counters for the entire team turn after turn is thor on steroids!

supreme leader level 2- good stats for a level 2 character. supreme leader’s level two prevents you from losing the game. even if he gets taken out, another of the hydra high council will take over the reigns of the empire!

1 drop

armin zola x4- a member of the hydra council for supreme leader level 2 power. forcing the opponent to discard each appearance can be a pain.

hydra soldier x2-a stackable ability to weaken your opponent characters by giving out minus counters. can be played in multiples

3 drop

gorgon x4- a member of the hydra high council and part of supreme leader level 2 power. has a great ability to negate the bonus effect of plus counters. great card for the mirror match.

4 drop

Viper x4- a member of the hydra high council and part of supreme leader’s level 2 power. can essentially take out any character in the game that has minus counter.

5 drop

Hive x4- Another member of the high council and part of supreme leader’s level 2 power. has the stackable ability to give out minus counters and to gain counters.

6 drop

madam hydra x2- a member of hydra’s high council and part of supreme leader’s level 2 power. can power up any character in the deck with her effect.

kraken x2- a member of the hydra high council and part of supreme leader’s level 2 power. can use a stack able ability to give out minus counters and prevent any front row attackers from stunning.

7 drop

supreme leader x4- great to use as a power up or as the new mvp of the deck. if your main character is ko’d recruit this card and continue the pressure of maintaining the “you cant lose” clause by brining in two key characters when ever a hydra character gets ko’d

dark hold x1- great to recycle loyal soldiers or defensive plot twist.

cosmic cube x1- this helps get rid of any problematic cards like even the odds, net launcher or even fing fang foom from the opponents deck.

cosmic cube x1

strength above all else x4- with all the counter gaining your attack should be higher to brick wall attacks for the one sided stun

loyal soldiers x4- great card that synergies well with supreme leader level 1 power. works wonders with a dark hold equipment in hand

shock the system x4- best way to save your counters is defense.

unwavering loyalty x4- great plot twist for offense and defense

hydra wild x4- used for supreme leader’s effects

red x4- used for supreme leader level 2 power along with. viper’s powers

yellow x4- used supreme leader level 2 power

green x4- used fo supreme leader level 2 power and hive’s power

The goal of the deck is to protect your characters and get as many counters on your entire team as possible. having that strategy leaves the opponent in a tough spot. they take down one large threat and others still remain. Just like the hydra motto, cut off one limb and two shall take its place! The theme works with supreme leader’s level two power where key characters prevent you from losing the game regardless if your main character remains in play. The deck is pretty much combat oriented and makes it more on the “fair” side when it comes to deck building. In order to challenge the unfair decks of the top tiers the inclusion of the cosmic cube and darkhold help level the power differences between decks. what makes this deck on the “unfair” side of deck building is The fact that it is very hard for you to lose the game. so its a good balance competitively. major props go to upper deck fo designing such a deck that is fair but can compete with the unfair.

Ideally you will want to go first and most cases the deck can level on turn 3. every turn if possible give your entire team counters via supreme leaders level 1 power or loyal soldiers. some counters to a deck like this are any daze abilities like net launcher and leviathan beast. another potential counter to the deck are any abilities that remove counters like dr strange, calypso, and even flint. Hopefully a cosmic cube can remove such threats.

Hope you all enjoy the list and give the deck a try once the set drops on the 29th

well that is all for this installment of the Blues Effect. until next time, hail hydra or die!

Ralph Edwards aka blues686


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