The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

Ultimate Nick Fury: The Original Super Soldier


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. Im sure many of you all  finally have the new release of shield vs hydra in hand and are hashing out decks like crazy. Today Im going to share with you all a deck I forgot to share as it placed highly on my tier list featuring the director of shield himself nick fury. I love how upper deck portrayed this character in game. Below you will find the list along with deck breakdown and strategy.


nick fury level 1-His level 1 ability is helpful in maintaining his level up goal. At 2/5 stats he can survive the more aggressive turn 1 plays minus use of plot twists.


Nick fury level 2- Nicks level 2 power makes it so you can’t take any wounds prolonging the game until you achieve your winning turn.


Fits Simmons x4- great card to filter through your deck in search for key cards. Can cheat in characters early to maintain a board advantage along with helping nick gain experience for the level up


Sharon Carter x4- this card nets you a a draw along with filtering the deck for key cards


Phil Coulson x4- also has the ability to filter through the deck for key cards. Key in giving all shield characters stealth


Lambert x4- key card in using off team plot twist. Can team attack with almost every character in deck


Keyes x4- Key card in prolonging the game for Nick fury level 2 power. Essentially making any location a blue location in deck. Can also slow down the more aggressive decks


Melinda may x4- another card that can filter through the deck along with the ability to come into play early. Also can help level nick fury early


Ironman x4- key card in prolonging the game with nick fury level 2 power by being able to reuse key locations. Also opens up the use of avenger plot twists.


Jungle Hunter x4- if all the filtering isn’t good enough in search for your locations , this guy right here gets it for you right away. Gains invade plus 3 attack with a blue location (predator ship)


Strategic homeland security x4- in a deck that doesn’t attack the first 3 turns a +4/+4 defensive trick can really put the game in your favor.


Think again x4- stops combat nuff’ said


fall back x4- stops combat nuff said


Helicarrier x4- used for nick fury and fits Simmons powers (mainly nick blue ability)


Training ground x4- used for nick fury and fits Simmons powers


Predator ship x4- used for nick fury level 2 power to prolong the game.

Academy x4- used for fitz Simmons powers, Keyes powers.

Ideally you are going to want to play the deck going first with a hard mulligan for fitz simmons and lambert. fitz’s ability helps remove the lost  of not playing anything turn 1. You level by  end of turn 3. turn 3 ideally you want to recruit lambert to have your plot twists online. protect lambert at all cost unless you have another lambert in hand. you are going to want to take at least 1 wound by the time you get to turn 4  because  agent melinda may is really your 4 drop. you want to save keyes for when you need to use nick fury’s level 2 power to stay alive. turn 5 bring in jungle hunter early if possible, or recruit more agents like phil coulson to filter your deck for locations/plot twist. you win by using key attacks with stealth on the mc to eventually win the war of attrition.  Start using nick’s level 2 power when you reach 4 wounds and feel you know longer can defend against attacks. You may want to do it earlier depending on match up (such as black widow)

Now this is a deck i find very annoying to beat. His level 2 power along with all the combat ending tricks just makes him really tough to take down his final wound. Nick fury reminds me of a marriage between luke cage and warrant officer ripley.

Some key ways to beat this deck is Net Launcher. (i swear that card is a problem) Net launcher prevents nick fury from playing any locations for his level 2 power. Professor x main character  is another hard counter to nick fury that can potentially prevent a use of a location for nick’s level 2 power. 

Well in hope you enjoy the list and try it out.If there are any questions regarding how to play the deck just let me know.

That is all for this installment of the blues effect, until next time,



Ralph Edwards aka blues686


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