The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

The Man with A plan! Our Milwaukee champ’s Deck breakdown!

A Blues Effect Exclusive!!

“The Black Parade!”

Hello everyone! My name is Burt and I’m going to talk to you guys about the deck I piloted all the way to first this past weekend in Milwaukee during the midwinter gaming convention…

Upon opening shield vs hydra, I was completely sure the redskull is the most busted card in the game. I began to brew right away! “How can I cast a diabolical plan every turn?” I worked it out and dubbed it the hand lock, and have been playing and testing it ever since against a whole range of different decks.

Deciding who would be the mc during deck building was really tough and I landed on black cat because of the big defense on lvl 2 and the ability to pluck one card from my opponents hand every turn. She’s also the only discard mc with major survivability in the form of cross their path.

Below you will find the deck list and deck break down.


4 Arnim Zola

4 captain swain

4 net launcher

4 primeval hunter

3 mantis

1 ultimate nullifier

4 singularity

4 Ironman

3 redskull

1 dual maw leviathon

3 fing fang foom

Plot twists

4 dramatic entrance

3 find cover


4 academy

4 madripoor

3 trophy area

3 Gehenna

4 laboratory

The gameplan!

Okay so admittedly, this deck is designed to make your opponent hate playing the game. From turn one on, they are losing cards from hand, completely giving all the momentum to you. You can get them to top deck mode as early as turn 3 with the right opening hand. Once they have no cards in hand, you begin to assemble the hand lock! Redskull,Ironman,swain, And singularity on the field at any given time essentially makes it so that the opponent never gets to draw cards again. After that, playing a fing fang foom all but guarantees they can’t “crack” the lock.

How to beat it!!!!!!!!!

This deck is very strong, but it requires us to go second, as black needs to level in order to stay alive. Forcing us to go first is half the battle. As an aggro mc, you will get the first two wounds without any combat tricks out of hand. Big team attacks from early on will put black cat in panic mode! Net launcher and the ultimate nullifier also hurt us a lot. It may be wise to nullify bad luck, but the real threat is red skull’s “diabolical plan” and black cats “cross their path”. Taking those away from us spells real danger, as we don’t get to do what our deck is designed to do. Keep these tips in mind if you see black cat at your next tournament!

Well, that’s it for me! I just wanna say a big thank you to everyone who helped make this deck a functional discard option! You know who you are! Please give this deck a try and lemme know what you think!

#playunfair – Burt Richardson


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Great article. I have never considered Black Cat MC…but that 8 defence looks pretty appealing!

Comment by Josh

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