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Spiderman and His Unfair Amazing Friends

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. Today I am going to share with you all a spiderman variant that I was surprise didnt show up to the Milwaukee tournament in favor of the dutch builds shown during the tournament stream. Below you will see the list along with a deck breakdown.

spiderman deck

spiderman level 1- A good 2/5 stat main character that boosts his stats with the amount of support characters in play. With this ability he can survive pretty well against early aggression. At level 1 spiderman requires to gain experience by having surviving supporting characters at the end of turn. The goal of 8 experience is easily gain with multiple ways of gaining free recruits. can level by turn 3

spider man level 2- Once at level 2 spiderman gains a big defensive body with 4/10 stats. With no additional level 2 power spiderman has yet another level up requirement of 5 experience points that ideally is gained at the end of turn.

spiderman level 3- Once at level 3 spiderman has the power to draw additional cards equal to the amount of support characters in play along with strong stats of 6/11. This power works great for regaining defensive support and key pieces to the end game. you should be at this level by turn 4/5

1 drop

black widow x4- key card for the end game loop! by giving out endless counters

wasp x3- a great defensive card that helps stop an attack . especially fing fang foom. the flight helps protect the back row from any attacks if needed. also works well with valkrie by giving out counters

hank pym x3- similar to wasp can negate an attack, especially fing fang foom. allowing him to survive longer for the level up

2 drop

agent peggy carter x4- key card for the end game engine. peggy allows you to recruit cards like black widow for free which can be abused by the 6 drop of the deck

moonstone x4- another key piece in defending your engine by removing flight. opponents are then forced to attack if able against spiderman who most likely will be defensively too big to stun. This card also actives the femme fatal plot twists online.

3 drop

baron strucker x4- a great card that also gives a minus counter to an opposing support character. his ability to team up allows all the off team support characters to team attack if needed as well as use the hydra wild location for extra uses of their abilities

4 drop

goblin queen x4- key card in the level up requirement for spider man. She brings into play multiple free characters along with activation of femme fatal plot twist.

6 drop

valkyrie x4- The mvp of the deck. This card makes the entire engine work. with peggy on field and black widow (you need one in play and one in ko or two in ko pile) in the ko pile you can loop black widow recruits to give unlimited minus counters to the opposing field to stun everyone. works great with the 7 drop of the deck

7 drop

nightmare x4- the finisher of the loop. this card makes it so that the minus counters gained by the loop stay on the opposing characters. so when it is time for the opposing characters to recover they will stun instantly. you eventually win the game during the following turns due to the opposing main character stunning turn after turn.


demon goblins x4- these free character from goblin queen help spiderman level up, and stay defensively strong. also works great with the femme fatal plot twists


ultimate nullifier x1- key card to help prevent anything that may slow your engine down

plot twist

think again x4- stops any attack nuff said

shock to the system x4 – essential a + 3 defense card. works in stoping any ability that requires the opponent to strike a character.

femme fatality x3- great card for out of combat stuns by giving counter equal to the amount of support characters in play . if you need to get rid of a troublesome heavily defended equipment like net launcher or nullifier.. this card is your anwser

avengers wild x4- used for spidermans abilities

hydra wild x2- used for valkrie and goblin queen abilities once teamed up via baron von strucker

green x4- used for spidermans level one ability

yellow x4- used for spidermans level 3 ability as well as valkrie and goblin queens.

The players at the milwaukee tournament were definitely in the right track in having spiderman play with an unfair tactic as the main engine. Without an unfair engine spiderman just cant hang with the upper tiers due to playing as a combat oriented mc that draws. which sadly is too fair in the current competitive environment. I personally feel that the dutch engine is very risky in the current meta of net launcher abuse. one activation of net launcher can potentially ruin the game for dutch variants. Take the dutch engine out and insert the nightmare loop and you have a much safer unfair finisher that can survive a net launcher activation or two.

You play the deck like you normally would with a spiderman deck by having your characters survive to level up quickly. you assemble your pieces of agent peggy, black widow, valkrie and nightmare and start the loop on turn 7. (turn 6 if you need to clear out an opposing board) once the loop is online there isnt much outside of cosmos, net launcher, and ultimate nullifier on nightmare that can slow it down. you have anwsers to this via femme fatality to stun the opposing character with netlauncher/nullifier. you also have your own nullifier to help stop some of the counters. ( if you suspect an opponent is running net launcher always call it with your own nullifier). while you are getting the loop going you are potentially drawing your entire deck with up to 15 cards a turn.

This variant of spiderman is very strong and effective. Ive shown and played this list with my team mates burt and brian and they both agreed that if net launcher was never printed the deck would easily be tier 1 along the ranks of dark phoenix and mystique. Even with net launcher As of now its close to that power and i have it at tier 1.5. Even still I can be wrong and it is in fact tier 1. Only time can tell.

well that is all for this installment of the blues effect. until next time watch out for the web barrage of minus counters!

– Ralph Edwards aka blues686


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Great deck guide. Now I just need to get that Shield vs Hydra set and I can give it a test!
I see you have a number of updates since my last visit, excited to read. Keep it up Blues Effect!!

Comment by Josh

glad your enjoying the page! this deck is pretty fun to play.. especially as a spiderman fan!

Comment by blues686

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