The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

Vs System 2pcg Tier List: Updated with Deadpool and Friends
March 3, 2018, 11:22 am
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Hello everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. Its that time again, with the release of the new vs system expansion, A tier list update is needed. Below you will find my tier list in no particular order within tier along with a description of its placement:

vs tier list

tier 1 (the best. bad match up within tier or none at all aka “unfair decks”)

dark phoenix, mystique, wo ripley, black cat, spiderman, thor

tier 1.5 ( can compete with the best but have some bad match ups vs tier 1 . aka semi-unfair decks)

evil deadpool, madam hydra, quake, kingpin, Luke cage, sister grimm, elsa, mr black, wolverine, nick fury, ghost, black widow, venom, ironman, baron mordo,

tier 2 ( can win but have bad matchups with higher tiers aka fair decks)

colossus, deadpool(Uw), supreme leader *captain america*, helmot zemo, red skull, gamora, enchantress, groot, moongirl/devil dinosaur, fing fang foom, falconer, jungle hunter, dutch, harrington, black bolt, *ms marvel* , she hulk, hulk , *hulk* , phoenix, the dragon , perfect organism, cap america, newborn, rocket raccoon, drax, cyclops , ultron, singularity, jessica jones, magneto, sister ripley, ripley #8 , captain marvel, dr strange, storm, deadpool, the queen, loki, nova, viv vision, crystal, karnak, leviathan mother, goom, isabelle ,professor x, bullseye

tier 3 ( unplayable competitively , to many bad match ups or weak support.. you should be mad at yourself for play these)

green goblin , winter soldier, daredevil, ghost rider, thanos, elektra, *spiderman* , medusa, kid kaiju, royce

with the new release of deadpool and friends I believe the tier list has been shaken up a bit to make things interesting in the competitive format. The new main characters mostly sit at tier 2 with the exception of evil deadpool based on his potential for abuse but more testing is needed. ( he may actually be tier 2 if more “evil” characters are going to be favored in decks). With this new set competitively the support characters really shine over the main characters. Hopefully the next set the main characters can be stronger. (looking at you cable!)

well with the new schedule of monthly releases you can expect to see tier list updates more frequently. well that is all for this installment of the blues effect.

until next time,

– Ralph Edwards aka blues686


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