The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

“It’s Not A Weapon, Its More Of A Highly Advance Prosthesis”- Tony Stark

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blues Effect. Today i’m going to share with you a main character that I wanted to make competitive since the first set of the game. Fast forward Two and a half years later with the recent release of deadpool and friends, Iron man can finally leave the ranks of low tier! Below you will see the deck list along with the deck breakdown:

Ironman Level 1- Easy to level mc by powering up 3 times (doesnt have to be iron man) Can easily level turn 1. His level one power can be used to push any potential blockers in your quest of punching the opposing main character turn after turn.

Ironman Level 2- once on level 2 ironman’s defensive stats increase heavily to go along with the numerous counters he can gain via his level 2 power. He can either buff himself up or an another character on your side with counters.

1 drop

Dinah Soar x4- one of the counter gaining supports of the deck. Has flight to help protect and chump block for your imporant back row support.

Solo x4- MVP of the deck! with out this card the deck wouldn’t be possible. Since iron man always attacks alone majority of the time solo allows ironman to get bigger and bigger with every attack. Easily defended by the ironman’s potential big defense and flight.

Falcon x3- An alternative to solo by allowing iron man to gain counters via team attacking . Also has flight to protect key back row support.

2 drop

dagger x4- Now your gaining alot of counters and you really want to keep them. This card is key in protecting those counters from any minus counter effects.

Call x4- Key card in leveling up ironman. call can power up any character in the deck.

Leader x4- Another mvp of the deck. since you are leveling up quickly by turns 1 and 2, you are gonna be down cards from hand. Leader helps redraw those cards right back since the early game the opponent will have at minimum 5-7 cards in hand.

4 drop

Stick x4- Another counter gaining piece to the deck. Just makes ironman Bigger! The dodge ability also helps makes a little wall to protect your back row and force your opponent to attack from the front row.

6 drop

Ironman x4- Key card in leveling Ironman, powers up iron man.

7 drop

Iron man x4-Key card in leveling Ironman, powers up iron man.

Ghost rider x4- The finisher of the deck ( if needed). with all the “good” characters in the k.o. pile from power ups, Ghost riders ability can spell certain doom to any opposing mc that has found a way to survive to turn 7+ via minus counters.

Plot twist

Think Again x4- Now your ironman is gonna be huge from turn 1 on. By the off chance your opponent has enough to team attack or sneak in a big character, This card is your shield! stops the entire attack!


Ultimate Nullifier x1- This card helps stop card abilities that can hurt you such daze, or any of the multiple counter stripping character effects.


Avengers Mansion x4- used for ironman’s powers

Fisk Tower x4- Used for the Leader’s powers

Blue x4- used for ironman’s powers

yellow x4- used for ironman’s and leaders powers

The deck plays very straight forward and simple enough for any beginner to pick up and be successful. Ironman plays very aggressive in attacking the main character turn after turn. You are going to want to go first with a mulligan condition aiming for the quick level up. You dont really have to be conservative with the counter gaining on ironman unless you are aware your opponent is running any form of counter hate. If your opponent is running counter hate make iron man only as big to take down the opposing main character turn after turn. If your counters are removed you can easily replenish them with the level two power along with all the different counter gaining abilities. You also want abuse solo’s ability with all your characters to make a massive board! you do this by solo attacking without stunning the last opposing character. If the opposing player tries to put a wall of characters with flight to protect their back row main character use iron mans level 1 power help push them out the way.

This deck plays very similar to the venom decks that has been topping local events recently. I would say this deck is faster then the venom deck in the counter gaining department but just as equally as fast in winning games. The one potential reason why the venom deck would be a hair better then iron is due to the mono variant’s loyalty plot twist, “Not Finished Yet

Well that is all for this installment of the blues effect! until next time, make sure to choose the winning side of the vs system civil war.

Ralph Edwards aka Blues686


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Iron Man is a great MC when playing a Date Night Vs game (2 MC’s). Makes it even easier to power up early game!

Comment by Josh

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