The Blues Effect: A Euphoria of VS

Ultimate Nick Fury: The Original Super Soldier


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. Im sure many of you all  finally have the new release of shield vs hydra in hand and are hashing out decks like crazy. Today Im going to share with you all a deck I forgot to share as it placed highly on my tier list featuring the director of shield himself nick fury. I love how upper deck portrayed this character in game. Below you will find the list along with deck breakdown and strategy.

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A Widow’s Sting: Quick and Deadly

Hello everyone welcome back to the Blues Effect. Today im going to share with you all a list from the upcoming set , shield vs hydra , featuring the russian double agent. As you all saw in my personal tier list, I believe The black widow is one of the best main characters in the game. Below is the list along with the deck breakdown to understand why i placed the black widow main character so high in my list.

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