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VS SYSTEM 2PCG Tier list: Updated With New Mutants

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. Its that time again, with the release of the latest vs system expansion, A tier list update is needed. Below you will find my tier list in no particular order within tier along with a description of its placement:

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Bang!! Bang!! The Monsters have returned
July 15, 2017, 4:29 pm
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Hey everyone Blues686 is here and welcome back to the Blues Effect. I know it has been some time since I’ve written in this blog (8 years to be exact) but I am happily to announce I’m back in the driver seat. The excitement of the relaunch of vs system 2 years ago  along with the recent spoilers of the upcoming expansion “MONSTERS UNLEASHED!” has given  me the desire to share content geared towards competitive play  like I once did. Now with the re-introductions out of the way lets get to what you all are here for, vs system. Of all the previews cards so far I am most excited for the main character card Elsa Bloodstone. At first glance her main character (MC) card appears to be the strongest of the previewed MC’s so far for the monsters team.  With that in mind I tinkered around with a few deck lists which I will share one with you all today along with a deck break down. First here is the list:

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December 1, 2008, 5:12 am
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Hey every one and welcome back to the blues effect. I Have for you all another article in the “why so serious’ series by adan johnson (redyst). This time he breaks down and analysis of a deck option and team from the recent release of marvel evolution that is friendly to the  pockets in the form of the marauders. Enjoy:

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Well its offical it looks like I’ll be going to the battle of the borders this weekend to kick some canucks in the arse! After getting some time off of work i’ll be there represent new york along with cliff (captain comet) and few others. Now testing for the saturday main event most commence. Lets look at a few deck possibilites that really strong in this format with their associated decklist.

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October 28, 2008, 3:46 pm
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This a question some of you may be asking. Many of you have just wrapped up your clone saga event winning with or losing to the top dog of the format spiderman. As the clone saga seasons ends the bring your own team frenzy begins. Within in this format brotherhood/x via lost city is quick to jump on everyones minds. There are many varients of the lost city build but it is the kang city deck that keeps everyone on there toes. Since lost city decks will be very popular within byott Kang city is great choice to counter such decks for one reason. That reason is this card

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Marvel knights- the modern breakdown of the ko machine
October 20, 2008, 8:04 pm
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Hey every one and welcome back to another instalment of The blues effect. Today we have special guest writer whos  A fellow neutral ground player who would like to share with you an article on mkko, enjoy:

   The Marvel Knights
      By Brian Lewis. 

 Hey people. My Name is Brian, and my realms name is the dark lord. Im kinda new to realms, so you might have to do a little searching before you find me. Today, i will be doing an article about one of my most favorite decks in the modern age format, MK KO. The build to this deck is fairly simple, and can be build on a budget if you are tight on money (which is everyone thanks to a certain president that we have.) Aneway, Just in case you are new to the game, or have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, I will explain what MK KO is.
 It is a simple aggro Curve deck, with an added ability that most aggro deck forget to put in: Koing characters. The deck has a ton of ko ability. The reason why this deck is so powerful in the modern age format is because the only generic card that can stop KO effects cant be played until turn 4. by that time, its too late. You wont have a board to try and save. The deck does play at its best on evens, which is a swich for aggro decks, which normally play best on odds. like i said, it can be built on a budget, so it wont hurt the pockets too much. I really cant describe the awsomeness of the deck, so im just going to get into the decklist. Then I will break down all the cards. Did i mention that 3?4  of the charactars are conceled?
Characters: 30
4 black widow
4 black cat/ black panther (your choice here)
4 punisher 2 drop
4 daredevil 2 drop
4 blade 3 drop
1 echo
1 ghost rider 3 drop
4 wolverine 4 drop
4 electra 4 drop (your choice again. i personally dont use her)
2 punisher 5 drop
1 vengance
1 ghost rider 6 drop
1 savage hulk (your choice once again)
Plot twists: 30
4 wild ride
4 mobilize (your choice. i dont think 4 is nesessary, but whatever flosts your boat)
4 quick kill
4 finishing move
As far as the rest, whatever pump your mind can come up with.
Pretty simple decklist, isnt it? Notice that almost all of the cards that are interchangable, are rares. cards that are not really necessary in my eyes, but does help out. Now, lets break down all of the cards.
Black widow: She stands at 2-1 with range. automatically good, and she is conceled. But its her effect that is great. you ko her, and you get to ko a charactar with a cost of 1 or less. Bye Boris. Bye alferd. oh, life model decoy came in at 0? you think that Wolverine is going to come in for free? Nah. Try again. I can go on and on about who she can shut up, but i have more cards to talk about.
Black cat or Black panther: These 2 cards are interchangable depending on what type of player you are. Both are conceled. If you are the player who whats to get in early damage, go with Black Panther. he stands at 2-2 with range. above average for a 1 drop. But, if you want to have more anger for later game, then Black Cat is your choice. She stands at 0-1, but for a good reason. whenever she attack driectly, you draw a card. If she stood at 1-1, she would proably be a rare. (Dont you just Love Huntes Castle?)
Daredevil: another conceled person. He stands at 2-2. With range. His ability: when he enters combat with a charactar that has a greater cost, he get 3 attack. He is a 2 drop, so he has pontentinal to become a 5-2. thats not too shabby. not too shabby at all.
Punisher: another conceled person who stands at 3-2 with range. he says ko punisher- ko target stunned charactar. here is one of the ko effects that i was telling you about. the power to ko charactatrs is very dangerouns to most decks, which could depend on that certain body to help out when times get rough. one of ther better cards that they have.
Blade: yet another conceled person who stands at 5-3 for a 3 drop. not all that bad. defense can be a little higher, but its his effects you want to use him for. whenever he attacks a charactar, you may move it to its other area. Have a big body that you cant get through? just swing blade into him, and move it to wherever you wish, conceled or visible. that is his second ability. its his first that everyone uses him for. he can attack hidden charactars. that is what he says, no plot twist, no random effects, no nothing. he can attack concened charactars of visible charactars. WOW. Kinda good.
Ghost rider: another conceled person who stands at 5-3. this one has range tho. his effect, he gets 1 atk for each stunned charactar in play. IN PLAY. Your board, and your opponents. ive personally gotten him to 13. attacking directly. i believe it was on turn 6, i dont remember. who cares? He can get very, very big.
Echo. our first visible charactar. (Boo.) She is a 3 drop that stands at 0-4. why use her if she 0 atk you say? her effect of course. pay 3 endurance – whenever echo is stunned by a charactar this attack, stun that charactar. use only if you control an MK charactar. here is another person that can ger rid of big body’s for you, at the measly cost of 3 endurance. hmm. thats a nice 4 drop darkside you got there sir. 9 def? no problem. lets go echo. to make matters worse, it can be done on attack, or defense. Superman too big to handle? drop echo. lay down man of steel. wonder woman on the board? got 4 flying kicks in your hand? drop echo. Lay down wonder woman. no redirecting for you. Sad faces.
wolverine: here we go with conceled guys again. 4 drop with 8-7. pay 2 endurance, wolverine can attack hidden charactars. combine him with 3 drop blade, and the hidden area will not hide from the Marvel Knights. Hello there Oracle.How are you doing Batman? Long time no see Nick Fury aka Samuel A Jackson.
Electra: ok. here we have yet another conceled charactar who stands at 6-7 with range. to recruit her, you must discard a MK charactar card. her effect, she attacks players and not charactars. that seems kinda good right? well it is. for certain decks, that is. sure you can throw in every pump you got and attack direct, but if she gets only human, that turn 4 kill goes right out the window. plus she attacks the player. does not fit with the style of the deck, which must ko charactars so that they have the board advantage.
Punisher: this punisher is visible. (Booo.) He stands at 9-9 with range. one of the new additions to the mk ko deck. why you ask? He says, activate – whenever target character becomes stunned while ini combat this TURN, stun all opposing characters that were in combat with it this turn. If i forgot to mention this, i will now. Outside combat stuns are as devestating as ko effects, if not worse, as things that say that they cannot be stunned while in combat does not affect punisher’s ability. Notice that it also says target chatacter. not target opposing character. tatget a 1 drop with his effect, stun that drop with a big body. outside of combat. notice that is also says that its for the turn. u want to play reset now? are you sure? Titans want to team attack with a boosted tim drake? sure. activate, stun everyone. sad faces for titans.
Vengance: visible 5 drop. (Boooooo) He stands at 9-7 with range. Low defense for a 5 drop. a 4 can stun him easily, cant they? well, you want him stunned. Why? Because everytime he gets stunned, target player loses 5 endurance. That kinda hurts, and with the next card, its going to hurt even more.
Ghost rider: Vislble 6 drop. (Boooooooooo) He stands at 13-11 with range. kinda low def for a 6 drop. oh well, cant be helped. its his effect you want him for. Whenever another MK charactar you control becomes stunned, target player looses endurance equal to it cost. Remember Vengance? vengance attacks your 5. stun goes through. i will take 5. you will take 15 off of effects alone? lets not even add Breakthrough, shall we?
Savage hulk: here is another interchangable 6 drop for the marvel knights. he stands at 12-12. his effect? when he enters play he gets X attack and X defense thus turn , where X is your endurance. The drawback? you loose that much endurance. if you do not kill your opponent on this turn, you better have some life gain. otherwise, you loose. its all of nothing when hulk hits the board. I am not that risky, so I stick with Ghost Rider. if you are that brave, by all means.
Now that all of the charactars have been previewed, lets go into the plot twists.
Plot twists;
Wild ride: in my opinion, this is one of the best team stamped searches in the game, next to signal flare and secret files. when you play wild ride, you search for an mk charactar card. no discard. But, you must loose the endurance equal to its cost. LOOSE. Not PAY. want to get that 6 drop that will win you the game? only got 2 endurance? wild ride does not care. win the game. pretty easly to get too, considering that it is a reprint, so its farily cheap.
Mobilize: generic search. if you play 4 wild rides, unless you do not like missing drop, 4 is very unnecessary. 2 at most for me.
Finishing move: self explanatory. exhaust someone on your board, ko someone that is stunned. more ko ability.
Quick Kill: one of the most destructive cards in this deck. also one of my favorite all around cards. it is also a reprint, so you dont have to break your neck getting one. To make it easier, its a common. Why is it so destructive you say? it says, to play, discards 2 cards, OR an mk charactar card. Ko target stunned character with a cost of 4 or less. that is very, very good. this card pretty much is the backbreaker to any deck. you do not have to exhaust someone, so you get to keep all of your attackers. it can kill anything with a cost of 4 or less, so you get to save your 2 drop punisher and finishing moves for the bigger boys and girls. These are some of the reasons why its one of my favorite all around cards. What is the main reason you ask? read what it says. To play, discards 2 cards OR an mk character card. Yea. you dont have to dicard an mk character card. what does that mean? it means that its generic. it can be put in any deck. Done looking it up? i know you did, just to make sure i was right, didnt you?
 Well, thats the mk deck, explained as through as i can possible do it. if i am missing anything, my realms name is the dark lord. send me a message saying how i can make this better, or if you have any ideas as to how to make mk ko even more powerful than it is now. when you combine all the effets, 2 cards that hit hidden for no reason at all, outside combat stuns, attack pumps, burn, and ko effects, it is easily seen how this is one of the most dangerous decks in the modern format. Just remember that the only true rares that you need are fairly simple to get, one of which is a reprint. your pumps do not have to be savage, big leagues, blinding rage, and all the other rare pumps, but can be simple commons like flying kick, crachshot, and combat reflexes. dosent change its style. Thats about all i can say about the mk deck. you can leave comments to tell me how i did. hope to write for the Blues effect soon, but until then, keep on koing everyone.
           Brian Lewis.

where there you have it. Mkko is a beast not to be messed with as you can see. i dont know about you all but i always fear going up against such decks, well that is all for today, come tomorrow and wednesday for some clone saga tournament reports. see ya around

Ralph Edwards aka blues686

The Illustrious Family by yerTrey
October 9, 2008, 5:20 pm
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yerTrey here with a little deck analysis. Today I will be going over the modern and silver aspects of the Illustrious Family. For you that don’t know, I mean the Fantastic Four.


Fantastic Four has always given us problems. FF equip made most of our lives hell in the past. FF beats made the rest of our lives difficult. Now FF is arguably the best deck in the modern format, and one of the best in silver. How someone playing a deck that does nothing but target won the NY Mega Weekend is beyond me, but more power to you. Everyone has their own version of the FF build, but lets discuss the basics in silver shall we?

FF4 Basic Build
2 Human Torch x2
2 Luke Cage x4
3 Invisible Woman x4
3 Thing x2
4 Human Torch x 1
4 Mr. Fantastic x4
5 Thing x2
5 Invisible Woman x1
6 Human Torch (Herald) x1
6 Human Torch (FF) x1
7 Thing x1
7 Invisible Woman x1
8 Silver Surfer x1
9 Players Choice

Clobbering Time
Signal Flare
Family of Four
Bestow The Power Cosmic
Force Field Projection
Unstable Molecule Suit
B.P.R.D. Signal Device
The New Baxter Building

Now you can see that there is a lot of space there. Not only are there only 26 characters, depending on your build, you might not be running a few of the extras that I mentioned. Also, the addition of the new Human Torch 1 drop from Ultimate’s eliminates the problem of a rush. The Captain fits in perfectly to this deck also because you don’t need to be a member of the illustrious team of the Fantastic Four to use most of the heart stopping plot twist. Every character, with the exception of Luke Cage and Silver Surfer, is reinforced by 3 drop Invisible Woman AND she can take an attack away with FFP. How fair is that? Turns 3 and above, this deck is damn near perfect. Mr. Fantastic gives you a choice of the top three cards while the searchers pick out the characters. The Captain can be recruited on turn 5 without worry of him getting his face beat in. Just call Invisible Woman, draw your card and now your opponent has to worry about the slight chance of having to go through two FFPs, which is annoying.  Not only that, but once you play an attack pump, the hand swaggers at a Family of Four giving +5/+5. I’ve seen Hulk give an entire hand trying to stun a member of this Family and seeing the table alone.  The only chance you have against this deck is beating it before turn 4, or getting it low enough to burn out by that time. After that, you might as well just sit back and watch the rest of your deck fall apart. On yeah, and they can attack as well. Clobberin Time is still one of the best team stamped attack pumps. The 5 drop of this Family is an 11/11 with no draw back for them. The 7 drop is a 16/16 with an added bonus. The 8 drop is just mean. Counters to this deck?: Early massive burn, Mr. Sinister, and natural KO cards. There aren’t too many decks that have enough early burn, and Mr. Sinister is splash-able at best, and to KO…you have to stun first. Oh yeah, forgot to mention how The Captain will also draw this deck an extra card that it didn’t need but is happy to have. This deck pisses m e off. Yes I built it, but I don’t like single team decks. I like to throw a bunch of characters together and allow life to take its course until my win condition comes along. Needless to say, Human Torch (Herald) dismantles most of my decks turn by turn after turn 6. Only Human you say? HA HA HA…you’re a funny guy.


Of course, in modern the deck loses a few key cards. It loses B.P.R.D. Signal Device….and…um…hold on…..give me a second….o_o…damn…..¬_¬…

In any case, FF has risen to the top again. How long will it be there? I say with cards like Carrying the Torch, Pathetic Attempt, and The Captain, it will be there for a while. Not to mention, I heard a rumor that FF is getting a few new key cards in the upcoming set. SERIOUSLY?!?!?

Any opinions on this matter? I have a few, but this apparently has to be rated PG-13. I think only one four letter word is allowed, and that just isn’t enough for me.

Next week I will be looking at how much of a team whore Wolverine is.

If there are any competitive decks, or any decks that you might think have a competitive edge and want me to go over them, you can e-mail me at with a deck list and a name I can reference. I’m always open to new ideas.