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Phoenix Warsong 2: Origins 2.5K Tournament Report & Thoughts

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. Its been about a week since origins has wrapped up the upper deck sponsored Vs system 2PCG $2500 dollar tournament in Columbus Ohio. I took the long 8 hour drive to try my luck at the large prize. The pressure was on for me for this event to perform well due to the endless smack talk, trolling and bragging being done for months in the Vssystem collective forum on facebook. What can I say, love being the bad guy. To the event I took dark phoenix which For months ive been saying is the best deck in the game with no bad match ups other then itself. Below you will see the list I ran along with a brief round by round breakdown of the event.

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The Man with A plan! Our Milwaukee champ’s Deck breakdown!

A Blues Effect Exclusive!!

“The Black Parade!”

Hello everyone! My name is Burt and I’m going to talk to you guys about the deck I piloted all the way to first this past weekend in Milwaukee during the midwinter gaming convention… Continue reading

Your Vs System 2PCG Milwaukee $500 Tournament champion!
January 14, 2018, 8:42 pm
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Hello everyone, Welcome back to the blues effect. Today was the upper deck sponsor vs system 500 dollar tournament in Milwaukee. My teammate burt flew all the way from NYC to compete in the tournament after weeks of testing together with his “secret tech” deck of choice , black cat, winning the event! so proud of you man! the blues effect/team metro team is on a row winning two cash events in a row! can we make it 3! only time can tell. when burt arrives expect a deck break down/ mini report. until then enjoy his deck list below! Continue reading

Phoenix Warsong: NJ $500 tournament report + thoughts.
November 12, 2017, 6:09 pm
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Hello, everyone and welcome back to the Blues Effect. This past Saturday Timothy Saskiewicz and his globo gym teammates Hosted a $500 dollar upper deck sponsored tournament at top deck games in Haddon, NJ. My teammate Burt and I decided to make the the hour and half trip to try out luck in the event. Below is the list i ran along with a round by round break down.

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Gencon 2017 :vs system 10k report + thoughts
August 20, 2017, 7:40 pm
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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blues Effect. Gencon just wrapped up and a new 10k champ has been crown. First I want to congratulate everyone who made top 8. Special shout out to john tatta for breaking the 9th place curse as well to the champion Joseph Keaveny for winning the event with mystique.  Now mystique is the deck I decided to take to the 10K after many many weeks of testing for the event. Although i didnt do as well as I had hope ( win the event), I am proud of the deck’s  performance. Here is the list I played along with card break downs :

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February 10, 2009, 3:59 am
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Hey every one and welcome back to the blues effect.  I would like to inform you all that the battle in the apple in nyc was a huge success. I was very proud to see that the Vs system community was in full force supporting this event. For those of you who couldn’t make, I have promised you a tournament report and you all shall have it. My write up of the modern event of the battle in the apple can found here at, the new mothership for vssystem.

The modern event wasn’t the only tournament to take at this venue. There was also a silver event that was played right after the modern. You can find the tournament report for the silver event written by Rob HERE, which is also on

If you’re not really into tournament reports, how about some video coverage of the event.  Alex (0range_soda_man) posted some youtube videos from his recordings of the battle in the apple over at his blog, vsunleashed. Be sure to check it out, it’s a fun watch with a few laughs.

Well, that is all for this installment of the blue effect

Until next time,

Ralph Edwards aka blues686



byot tournament report 1-18-2009
January 20, 2009, 12:50 pm
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Hey everyone and welcome back to the blues effect. My name is Brian and my realms name is the darklord33. Ralph and his sister are having a little spat about who has computer time, so it looks like i will be making todays blog. Today, I will be talking about the tournament that happened on january 18, 2009 at jim hanley’s universe. the format was bring your own team. golden age.
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